Friday, August 23, 2013

"My son died, and then my husband. I have to help another." Healthcare Delivery in the Slums

“I know the pain I see their eyes, I know their pain”—Racheal, a community health worker from Ngong.

These are community health workers of the slum. They are responsible for over ~500 people each. I listen as they tell me their stories. Their faces reflect both pain and joy as they talk. It is clear that they are filled with purpose and they gain great meaning from their work. In the slum, they wash and comfort he dying, assume care of a newborn while a new mother fights infection, and prepare and find food for hungry mouths with their own money. 

These men and women are not paid. They have no way of taking care of their own families.  Why do they sacrifice their money? Why do they tolerate so much suffering? “ I do it because I know the pain I see in their eyes, I know their pain. My son died, and my husband. I have to help another. ”

I asked them if I could share their story and they gave me permission. 

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