Monday, August 19, 2013

Window View

Looking out an airplane window you expect to see some evidence of life. In rural regions they eye captures a body of water reflecting shades of blue and green, mountains that appeared to have erupt out of the earth or verdant trees grouped together like clusters of broccoli.

Newer cities like Arizona reveal structured city planning with square blocks, wide straight street lines suggesting vessels of transportation. The homes appear like cloned soldiers marching in perfect rhythm.

Older cities like Boston present more organically as if they were painted with abstract intention. Streets wind unpredictably and homes lack homogeneity. The undulations, curves and chaos create a story of history, culture and character.

Sub-Saharan Africa is different. Looking down you see a world that is pale and tan. Strikingly, the earth looks like dry cracking skin thirsty for drink. There is no green, no water, no visible life. The eye searches for a point of focus but is left wandering searching for meaning. 

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  1. I hope you find meaning while you are there. Can't wait to read more.